“Knowledge and experience only help us to understand the changing past. It is the power of imagination in the present that enables us create the desired future.” Foster Ofosu

Idea2Market Africa is an innovation Foundation, igniting and supporting new ideas to tackle social and economic challenges in Africa, innovating one idea at a time by embracing new technologies and changing consumer culture in the region. The Foundation was established to enhance the deployment of home-grown technologies in Africa, strengthening institutional linkages in innovation ecosystem and boosting private sector participation in the innovation commercialization process. Idea2Market Africa was created in response to the growing need to focus technology creation, transfer, commercialization and diffusion for economic and social impact. The specific programs of the Foundation include innovative thinking, innovative financing, creativity and technology acceleration, technology transfer and internationalization. Together with our partners, the Foundation will support the development of scientific research and indigenous knowledge output to useful purposes and which bring value to Africa’s transformation agenda.